Wednesday, September 1, 2021

RiffCast Live - Baby Hobgoblins


As part of the next evolution for TBRC, we have decided to start doing out shows LIVE on Twitch (Every Sunday at 10 PM EST), and we had our "test run" today.  And of course, we had technical issues and lost Dave for something like half an hour.  Thankfully, Matthew J Elliot was in the chat so I wasn't just talking to myself.  

Anyway, after Dave came back, we talked about the return of RiffTrax Live with Hobgoblins, and we talked about the long awaited Baby Ghost!  

So, if you were unable to join us for the show today, or any other live broadcasts we do, we are still continuing the podcast as you know and love it.

Our end theme is "Rock 'Til You Die" by Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band.  Check out their YouTube channel for the full version of Rock 'Til You Die, or some of their many other songs!

As always, you can listen here, or follow the links under the player to listen on your favorite platform.

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